New Google Ranking Checker with Locale-Support

Important notice: Check google rankings become a very complicated task today. So many environment variables are important so that this simple ranking checker class don’t work any more. But there are some commercial tools that can still track your rankings like sistrix or seolytics.

A new release of the Google Ranking Checker Class is available now. The new version 1.2.0 is released under a Creative Commons license (by-sa 3.0) and supports locale settings for language and country.

You can test the Google Ranking Checker Class on BOHUCO Labs:

… or Download the Source-Code:

Usage Example:

require_once 'RankingChecker.php';
$rankingChecker = new RankingChecker($apiKey);
$rankingChecker->setLocale('de', 'at');
$rankings = $rankingChecker->check(array('bohuco'), array(''));

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.